Question:  There are three new traffic signals being built in my City.  The City Engineer has suggested checking the traffic signal foundation locations before the foundations are excavated and formed.  What needs to be done?
Answer:  There are four items to check.  1) Look for potential conflicts with underground utilities.  Relocate the foundation away from the conflict if there are any.  2) Check that the signal heads that will be mounted on each pole can be seen clearly by drivers.  Obstructions can sometimes occur if a wood utility pole is too close to a signal head, or new street tree.  3) Check that the signal heads on mast arms line up with the lanes they serve.  That is, a left turn signal on the end of a mast arm should be aligned within the left turn lane stripes.  4) Check that the pedestrian push buttons are within 5' of the crosswalk, or if there aren't any, that the pedestrian signal heads are within 10 feet of the crosswalk.